Anonymous asked:

Sorry if my question came over as invasive. I wasn't necessarily asking about Jessie and Arejay's relationship. More like her well being. I know it's none of my business but I know I'm not the only one who is worried and I'm not going to push it. I was just concerned that's all.

hey its no problem. i’m the same. i am worried about how this is affecting them both as in a uk interview arejay did say the wedding was going to be in october. its normal to be concerned, theres just always some that may push the subject…. right now is not a good time on either side as i think jessies mother is ill & as we know theres the 3rd cd currently being recorded by halestorm.. lets keep it between us & stay quiet. let them do what they need to so they are in a better place.

they made a cute couple & i hope they can at least find a way to be friends when things have sorted themselves out. - kat